Monday, September 12, 2011

Shopkick: 200 Kicks and 20% off Coupon at Toys'R'Us

Have you downloaded Shopkick yet? Right now you can get 200 (yes, 200!!) kicks (points) for simply walking into a Toys'R'Us. As a bonus Shopkick is also offering a 20% off coupon. Pretty cool for a free App.

One thing about Smart Phones is you can make them work for you and save you big bucks with apps like shopkick. I've talked about shopkick before HERE.

You can download shopkick for your Android or iPhone HERE. Use code jambul100 to start you off with 100 kicks (points). How to get your bonus 100 kicks (points): Download App onto your Smart Phone > Click “Me” bottom left corner > Click “enter bonus code” on right > Type in jambul100. Shopkick points can be traded in for Best Buy gift cards, Target gift cards, Gas gift cards, a Coach Bag, an Xbox 360, and TONS more.

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