Thursday, September 8, 2011

Saving Money on Formula

Formula is ridiculously expensive. As we're having our second baby in two years, we know all too well the cost of formula. I have found a few ways to save money on the formula my son uses.

  1. Sign up for coupons with the company. Enfamil and Similac offer $5 coupon checks that they will mail to you.
  2. Know price per ounce. Babies R Us offers great prices and deals to their Rewards R Us members. This is when I stock up on formula. (Sign up HERE)
  3. Know what is in your pantry. Running out formula and having to run out last minute will end up costing you. Keeping a decent stock when prices are low helps avoid last minute runs.
  4. Don't forget about warehouse stores and online. Sometimes these have the best prices on formula. And Costco takes the coupon checks!
  5. Share with a friend. If you use one brand and your friend another, trade coupons!
  6. Ask a friend who doesn't need the coupons they receive for their coupons. It never hurts to ask!
How do you save money on formula?

Note: Please do not start a debate about breastfeeding vs formula. This is not the place. I am only sharing for those moms who choose to use formula and give them options to save money.

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