Friday, September 2, 2011

MacBook Air on the Cheap

My son is a laptop destructor, he's already destroyed two. Saturday my MacBook Pro started acting weird, took it into an Apple store to discover red fluid near the battery and tract pad. I guess my son decided my laptop was thirsty. This left my husband and I in a conundrum as the four year old family laptop was dying a slow death and just not able to perform at the level I needed for this blog. We had to buy a new laptop.

Now I am the proud new owner of a MacBook Air. AND we purchased it, a $1,299 laptop, from Best Buy for only $1,070 out of pocket (as well as accidental warranty coverage, the external hard drive and Buy Back guarantee). How did we do it? Easy. And you can do it too.

  • External DVD player - $59.99
  • MacBook Air - $1,299.99
  • 2 year Buy Back guarantee - $25
  • 1 year accidental warranty coverage - $149
  • Total: $1,641.36 (7% sales tax included)

How we knocked the total down $570.80:
  • Price matched to Best Buy online - $1,299.99 to $1234.99
  • Traded in MacBook (purchase Jan 08) - received $473 gift card
  • Used $10 Reward Zone gift certificate
  • Used 10% off computer accessory coupon (Reward Zone members receive these)
$1,641.36 - $65 (price match) - $473 (laptop trade in) - $10 (RZ certificate) - $6 (10% off RZ coupon) - tax difference from discounts = $1,070.56

We could have saved even more with our ShopKick gift certificates, but we're saving them for something else.

Now you know the math behind the deal, how can you duplicate this kind of deal for your family? Simple. Follow these simple rules:
  • Join ShopKick to earn gift cards (more details HERE)
  • Sign up for Reward Zone
  • Research and trade-in! We looked at several different websites before going to Best Buy to see what our old MacBook was worth. Best Buy offered us the most.

It did take a few extra steps and about 30 minutes more of our time to gather coupons, print rewards certificates, and get the gift card for the laptop trade-in. But I feel saving $570.80 was worth the time and effort.

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